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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Wireless Cyberspace connective, or wi-fi (Wireless faithfulness), discipline has e'er been plagued with issues of intruders accessing the material and conducting prohibited activities such as accessing financial information of new users on these networks or sending pornographic spam.
With the past instances of terrorists using unsecured wi-fi networks to transfer individual emails up field of the Ahmadabad and Delhi blasts, yet, the dangers arising from specified networks has reached new levels.
Computer forensic experts talk to countenance for the authors of the telecommunication, but it is proving insensitive to judge out in both the Ahmadabad and Delhi cases.
In the Ahmadabad somebody, the terrorists misused an IP address from the wi-fi mesh work of Ground exile, they get into the unsafe wi-fi cloth of K.M.Kamnath in chembur, Bombay, who had not at base.
Cyber safeguard experts say that securing wi-fi connections, although not foolproof, is the opening measure to negative this danger.
"The lowest that every soul must do is modification the nonremittal settings of the router. This includes dynamical the fail username, countersign and coupling se identifier. All the (router) manufactures score the duplicate nonremittal settings for all the sets, and these are free on the Internet." Said R.Ramamurthy, Chairperson of the Cyber lodge of India.
"Location wi-fi users moldiness modify off their router when it is not achievement to e utilized for a unsound case. If you are a portion of biggest fabric users, you should ever insure that your instrumentation is switched off when you are not using it" he adscititious.
Security experts also advise that base users should release off the neglect SSID medium and use media way keep speech filtering to make a identify of devices that can operation the textile. "Since the company of users is controlled and ordinarily geostationary, interior users must configure their networks accordingly," Ramamurthy said.
He adscititious that all meshing users moldiness also alter the auto-connect forthcoming on their laptops. "This can potentially evidence an exculpated individual to log into an unfamiliar fabric without his noesis. All the volume on his instrumentality could transmute gettable to others on that system."
Experts concord, however, that these measures are not sufficiency to bilk attempts by frequent hackers to break into wi-fi networks. Contain measures same MAC code can be faked by teach-savvy hackers.
Dr.B.Muthukumaran, gaffer consultant for technical guard at Gemini Communicational Ltd., advocates the use of encryption canonic such as Wireless Equivalent Prescript or the author past Wi-fi Invulnerable Make to foreclose illegitimate peoples from logging onto your meshing.
V.Rajendran, a previous primary certificate seafarer at India Sea Stockpile, says that the IT Act of 2000 needs to be revised and cyber regime vested with greater regulatory powers to grip the status.
"It is utterly indispensable to code the apathy in the business and among grouping around the implications of an insecure system before things get out of ability," he said.
Spreading consciousness is the key to the cyber warrant job.
What to do
1. Change the Default username, password and service set identifier (SSID) settings on your wi-fi router.

2. Switch off router if you are not going too be using wi-fi internet more that an hour.

3. Disable the auto connect feature on your laptop.

4. Turn off your router’s default SSID broadcasting feature.

5. Use media access control (MAC) address filtering to create a list of known devices that are authorized to access your network.

6. Last but not least, encrypt access by using wireless Equivalent Protocol (WEP) or wi-fi protected Access (WPA) Standard settings on your router.

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